Why are standard ingredients such as rings, slides and links essential for the success of your designs?

Since rings, slides and links are standard ingredients, most manufacturers underestimate their value and instead use low-cost products. But does that really pay off?

Dear blog readers,

Today we will give you an insight into the underwear industry, as well as the challenges it faces. 

Everyone in the underwear industry knows and needs them: rings, sliders and links. For this reason in particular, their importance is underestimated by most producers, which often make use of low-quality products. But with these cheap ingredients, the savings do not pay off, because you can save only a few cents per thousand and the handling of customer complaints, which are due to the inferior accessories, are a lot more expensive. However, these complaints do not only affect the satisfaction of the end customer, but also the success and turnover of the designed garment. Any bra wearer will agree that she/he knows and dislikes the following situations: trapped straps, straps that move during movement, twisted straps, and straps that slip into the corners of the slider. These situations only arise because design companies use inferior accessories that do not fulfill the desired functionality. The integration of innovative, high-quality accessories saves your customers and you trouble, costs and will make your designs a pleasant experience.

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