More Than Just Fashion: Items That Make Your Sports Bra Essential

Are you ready to discover our selected items for sports bras?

Dear readers,

In the world of sportswear, the sports bra is an indispensable element, and its popularity greatly depends on the features and functions it offers. Our products are designed to exceed your customers' expectations and provide the best in terms of comfort, performance and design.

Flex'n'Grip: Non-slip Grip

Our Flex'n'Grip series prevents slider slippage with innovative surfaces and flexible, rounded edges. This provides maximum comfort and safety. A flexible link with rounded edges is also available. Our Flex'n'Grip series is now available at even better conditions.

Loop Tape Adjuster Straps: Invisible Comfort

With their unique design, Loop Tape Adjuster Straps are comfortable to wear. Inside-out technology means no seams are visible or noticeable. Thanks to the 4mm spacer, they are soft, yet breathable - a true miracle of comfort.

TOO-Hey: Versatile Closures

The TOO-Hey is a prime example of functionality in eye-hook closures. With just one hook, instead of 2-5 hooks, it becomes an easy-to-use item that can be used as a back, side or strap closure.

These items can make your next sports bra collection something special. Rely on comfort, function and design to delight your customers.

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