OFF-Hey: The Innovative Eye-Hook Band for Simplicity and Efficiency

Traditional hook and eye closures are a thing of the past. Are you ready for the future?

Dear Readers,

the OFF-Hey Fastener: Innovation for Your Clothing

In the fashion industry, innovation is crucial. The OFF-Hey fastener is a revolution in the field of eye-hook closures, offering numerous advantages.

Why Choose the OFF-Hey Fastener?

It's easy to use, with just one click, replacing multiple hooks. Its versatility is impressive, with various sizes to suit different designs:

1-row (25.4 | 38 mm)

4-row (25.4 | 28.6 | 31.8 | 35 | 38 | 57 mm)

With a tensile strength of up to 30 lbs (13.5 kg), the OFF-Hey stands for durability and lasting performance.

Furthermore, our prices are competitive, with attractive scale prices for larger quantities.

Seeing is Believing!

The OFF-Hey fastener provides everything you need to enhance your underwear and sportswear. Your designs will benefit from the simplicity, versatility, quality, and affordable prices it offers.

If we've piqued your interest, you can learn more about our OFF-Hey closure here.

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