Our Swimwear Innovations

Learn more about some swimwear accessories in this blog post.

Dear Readers,

In our last blog posts, you have already been able to find out a lot about the various products that are included in our range. In this post we would like to introduce you to other closures that were specially developed for swimwear.

First of all, we would like to introduce you to our “Easy Fasteners”. The Easy series includes classic fasteners for every design, which are available in many sizes and variants. The different variants make the Easy Fasteners very special: D-ring fasteners, neck fasteners, and many more! Of course, the series can also be individually personalized and is available in any desired color. If we have aroused your interest in these closures, you can find more detailed information here

Two other fasteners we would like to introduce are the Anti-slip Closure & the Anchor Closure. The timeless design of the Anchor Closure fits just about anywhere and the specially knobbed surface of the eyelets of the Anti-Slip Closure prevents the fabric from slipping (in water and also on land). The Anti-Slip Closure withstands a tensile force of over 11 kg (26.4lbs). The Anchor Closure offers the advantage of curved eyelets that help to keep the fabric in the right position. As a result, there is no stretching of the center bars, as is usually the case with wide closures with identical parts. This fastener can withstand a pull force of 13.6 kg (30lbs). If we have aroused your interest in this closure, you can find out more here about the Anti-Slip Closure and here about the Anchor Closure.

The most unusual closure comes at the end: Our YIYA3 Swim Closure. The parts in the identical design are inspired by YING & YANG and are therefore unmistakable. The closure can be used on a belt, straps or on the back. The same applies here: Customizable! Since we also color plastic parts according to customer requirements, we also offer this service with our YIYA3 Swim Closure. If we have aroused your interest in this closure, you can find out more here.

Have we piqued your interest? Then we would be glad if you order samples right here.