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Dear Readers,

In the competitive world of branding, standing out is crucial, and FILDAN is your go-to for unique logo designs and special surfaces.

Unleash Your Brand's Potential

FILDAN encourages you to think outside the box. Your logo can now grace closures, links, and accessories, providing an innovative way to boost visibility.

Simple Customization Steps

  • Choose Your Article: Explore closures, rings, slides, and more to find the perfect match.
  • Customize Your Logo/Lettering: Opt for Embossed Matt or Engraved Shiny surfaces for a distinct appeal.
  • Your Surface Design: Personalize with textured or hatching surfaces of varying intensities.

Easy Ordering

Ready to bring your vision to life? FILDAN makes it effortless. Start by ordering samples to explore different logo designs for inspiration.


Elevate your brand with FILDAN's cutting-edge designs showcasing your logo uniquely. Unleash your brand's potential with custom accessories that make a lasting impression. Ready to stand out? Start your journey with FILDAN today! Find out more about our LOGO articles here or order free samples here.